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Hey there.  This blog post is going to suck, you’ve been warned.  It’s inevitable as I’m sure there’s no other possibility.  I mean, I’ve never written a blog post, or had a blog, or really written much of anything other than the tiniest tidbits to accompany a Facebook post, IG photo, or a long time ago, something I felt was Tweet worthy for a fleeting moment.  However, what the hell, I’m giving it a shot, only way to go is up when you start something from nothing, right?

I actually remember exactly when I heard someone organically tell me about blogs (before ‘organic’ was a…thing).  I moved with my band from Syracuse, NY to Rochester, NY around 14 years ago.  We were doing the college acoustic/rock thing and felt we had a good thing going.  Standard issue 4 piece band (2 guitars/singers, bass, drummer), that’s a story for another writing.  I ran a project recording studio in the attic of the house we were renting, it was actually a sweet setup.  I was recording this guy in his 40’s at the time who was really into having a “schtick” (sp?) and 50’s genre music.  I know Fabian was a common reference he used.  He was all fired up about what we were doing and how to market and who to market it to, etc…and he told me about “these blog things” that people were doing.  I had never cared much about them before that, I only kind of knew what the word meant and for another 14 years after that I didn’t really care much either.

Fast forward, I’m a husband, father, software engineer by day, working musician by night and sometimes day too, and I’ve been hunting, searching for my next “thing”.  I’ve always wanted to be self-employed, and have been in a few different capacities.  I have a tech start-up that my partner and I have been simmering on for a while now.  I’ve got another dozen or 5-dozen ideas in the mental percolator but recently somehow I decided to try out Podcasts.  Podcasts are another one of those things, knew they existed for many years, and didn’t give a rats ass.  I sought out some “techy” stuff and found that Grumpy Old Geeks and Bootstrapped Web  really resonated with my mental state these days.

I’ve been uber-curious about starting up a web-based business of some sort.  Get away from the “here’s my time, pay me for it” lifestyle.  My kids are only getting older (6 and 8) and my wife and I want to travel, do things, experience life.  Sean McCabe was a guest on Bootstrapped Web and his appearance here hit me like a ton of bricks.  He talked about honing his craft and just doing it for the love of it and not really thinking about monetizing etc… but it ultimately was a very rewarding venture ($90k in first day he launched his learning series!) and his work/advice/blog garnered huge interest and helped lots of people with something they were interested in pursuing.  Definitely listen to this if any of that resonates with you: Building a Business From Your Passion w/ Sean McCabe  

That brings me to my point (I told you, this post was going to suck)…I’m starting a blog.  Largely music oriented, for the musician, beginner, seasoned, working musician, commercial musician….”other” muscian?  I’ve been involved in music for well over 20 years, everything from garage bands to basement studios and pro studios to commercial composing to voice over…even hosting an open mic/jam night and teaching lessons for a period of time.  I often underplay my experience and knowledge across the board.  I’m no “virtuoso” by ANY means, but I’m pretty good, solid even and I feel like I’m able to just say that now because I am.  I abhor boasting, but this isn’t that, I’ve worked for this one.  Many times I’ve heard partway through a solo gig at a bar, “Wow, I thought the radio was playing!” which I always find amusing.  Here I start a new chapter, a new venture, a place where I can share experience, divulge helpful “secrets”, teach, and even learn new things while bringing folks along for the ride.  Here’s goes nothin, thanks for reading and stay tuned.


Mark Mniece

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